Saturday, March 10, 2012

nerdlacquer - "han shot first"

by now i'm sure it's clear how obsessed with nerdlacquer i am. i mean, it's nail polish + geekery, which are like my two favorite things. it doesn't get any better! so when i heard that amanda was doing a special, harlow & co only set...well, that's all i needed to hear! but THEN i saw that one of the polishes was a star wars joke, and the other was named after a character from the i happily spent two + hours refreshing harlow & co [the demand/increase in traffic flow made the site crash] just to get "han shot first" and "scully".

those glitters! omg!

please excuse the non-matching bottle, it took some time to muster up the energy to go downstairs and grab the right one...sad!

like all nerds, "han shot first" applied beautiful. i'm wearing three coats in these photos but you could get away with two - i just liked applying it so much! it dries quickly, too. a little rough when dried, but nothing too bad. could be remedied with a top coat.

"han shot first was an exclusive for harlow & co and is sold out. it appears that it will be restocked at some point, though i have no idea way. nerdlacquers retail for 10 bucks [but it's worth it] but are 3-free and vegan.

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  1. As soon as I saw this and that it was called "Han Shot First," I knew I needed it! Too bad I'm unemployed and can't buy anything frivolous right now! Of all the edits that George Lucas made to Star Wars, Greedo shooting first is probably the one that bugs me the most.