Tuesday, March 27, 2012

zoya's "meadow".

this is one of the polishes i purchased when zoya did their buy three/get three free promo. on the website it is described as a "soft medium pinkish pink with mauve undertones and warm frosty golden shimmer. golden and flesh-toned, a sparkling nude for warm skin tones." but that's a whole lotta words so i'm just going to describe it as "pretty"!
this is three coats of meadow. two was most certainly sufficient, but i kinda messed it up so i added a third to cover up my mistakes :P.

the next two photos are in the shade:

see that beautiful shimmer? it's great!
you can meadow for 8 dollars on zoya.com, but if you click this link and create an account, you'll get a five dollar credit - making meadow only three dollars!


  1. Nice color. Very subtle without being nude LOL
    I like!!

    1. i feel the same way! it's perfect for ladies that can't wear anything crazy to work - understated but not boring.

  2. Cuteness. I love the soft feminine look.
    ALso love your description. Pretty indeed!