Wednesday, March 14, 2012

opi "paz-itively hot" + "candy shop" by claire's

i LOVE this combo. originally i was just going to do my left hand for swatching purposes, but decided to put it on the other hand too 'cause i loved it so much. very feminine, very bright - perfect for spring! i used 2 coats of the opi and four of "candy shop".

someone on my facebook page said they had a hard time getting the glitters in "candy shop" out of the bottle...but i had the exact opposite problem: lots of glitter, not much polish! but i still think it looks great. CS is a dupe of a deborahh lippmann polish of the same name. i went to the mall specifically to look for it, and polishes at claire's were buy one/get one half off so i scooped up two! i know i lot of people are searching for this, so if it's something you're interested in contact me on my facebook page or email me at bk_bishop[at] and we can set something up :].

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