Tuesday, May 15, 2012

oooh, "shiny"!

today i have a pretty simple post for you - two coats of "shiny" by nerdlacquer. i know there's been a lot of "drama" surrounding nerdlacquer lately, but i still love her polishes and hope everything is alright with her and her life. now, on to the polish!

two coats was sufficient for good coverage, though i'm sure you could layer it over a light blue polish if you wanted! it's glittery and unique and awesome - even my boyfriend said he liked the color!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

365 days of color "old time movie" + opi "la-pazitively hot".

i recently won a giveaway from 365 days of color and received two of her handmade polishes, "old time movie" and "explosion". i'll be sharing the first one with you today!
 OTM is a clear base with black and white shredded pieces in it. they aren't glittery; i guess i would describe them as more of a foil. these pictures are with only one coat, so coverage is GREAT.
OTM is really unique and i really, really love it. i feel like it looks best over a colored polish, so that the the pieces really jump out at you. also, removal was really simple and only took one cotton ball. so it's not super stubborn like some cool top coats can be!

365 days of color can be found on facebook, and will be opening her shop on the morning of may 16th :].

Monday, May 7, 2012

cult nails "my kind of cool-aid" ft windestine's "carbon copy".

MKOCA is a beautiful color from cult nails. it's a dusty, gray-tinted purple with a subtle shimmer. I LOVE IT. but i recently won a bottle of carbon copy from a giveaway windestine hosted, so i wanted to see what it would look like when paired with MKOCA.
conclusion: it looks GORGEOUS!

carbon copy is such a unique polish, i love it. it's great as just an accent nail, or over a whole mani.

you can buy cult nails polishes here for ten dollars, and you can like them on facebook here. windestine polishes are available on etsy, though she isn't expecting to restock until late this month or early in june. i suggest following her on facebook so you know what's going on!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

julep nail parlor "it girl" box for may!

yay! i started as a bombshell but have switched it up every month. for may i wanted to go for the it girl 'cause there were three polishes xD.
such pretty packaging, as usual!

pedi cream sample, ashley, magnet + kylie magnetic polish, and nessa!

are you a julep maven? would you like to sign up? use this link and the code COLOR2012 to get your first month [which includes at least 40 bucks of polish and other goodies] for one penny! hoorah!

not-so-epic fail [ft zoya "myrta" and "kimber".

this manicure is like one of those mornings after you get really drunk and remember everything you did and go "ughhhh, whyyyy?!" even though it was awesome when you were doing it. anyway, when i was doing this mani last night i was in my dimly-lit living room and thought it looked SO COOL, when in reality you can barely tell i did anything but paint my nails one color. oh well, live and learn!

the base is myrta and the dots are kimber. like i said in my last post, orange and pink is my favorite color combo but i don't think particular conglomeration worked. i think it would have been better if i did a single accent nail. meh!

all the pictures of my cat on this blog are of him and this chair. he does spend time elsewhere, but particularly likes this chair because it by the big french doors!