Monday, March 19, 2012

zoya phoebe + nubar 2010 = robin's egg!

i have never purchased a matte nail polish. i have essie's "matte about you", but don't have a polish that starts off as matte. i have seen some beautiful swatches of matte zoya polishes, so when they did their buy three/get three free promo recently, i decided to take the plunge. boy, am i glad i did!
this is three coats of phoebe. i've read that it's common for matte polishes to dry quickly, and this one sure did!

look. how. beautiful! this color is so bright and fabulous. even my boyfriend said he really liked it!

and now...with flakies! i got nubar 2010 in the mail and was dying to try it out.

doesn't it look like a robin's egg?

outside, in natural light. as much as i love phoebe by herself, i like her even better shiny. even without flakies. she's just so bright and in your face!

overall consensus: buy it. do it now. you should have bought it five minutes ago. why are you still reading this when you should be buying that polish?

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