Thursday, March 8, 2012

the hunger games collection - "electrify" and "fast track".

even though i haven't read the hunger games series, i was very excited about the china games collection based off the books. i ordered "electrify", "fast track", "smoke and ashes", and "luxe and lush". the fourth one promises to be my favorite but we'll see!

 i'm kind of neutral about "fast track". it's definitely pretty, but it's just kinda...meh. i have "glitzerland" by opi and i like it more + think the formula is better. it took four coats for "fast track" to be opaque :[. if not for the glitter on my ring finger i might have forgotten i was wearing polish today...

"electrify" is really unique and beautiful. i don't know what it's supposed to reference in regards to the books, personally it made me think of gryffindor from the harry potter books :P. application was really good - that's only one coat on my ring finger and it's pretty packed with tiny gold glitters and larger red glitters.

china glaze polishes are available through ulta for seven dollars, and right now they're offering free shipping on orders over 25 dollars with the code "march2day"!

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