Friday, March 16, 2012

st. patrick's day manicure + my claddagh ring.

st. patrick's day is one of my mom's favorite holidays, because we are very irish [think red hair and freckles!]. so my mom did the whole nine yards: green foods, window clings on all the windows, green shirts, irish music, stepdancers, everything! so this mani was mostly 'cause we're hanging out tomorrow and i knew she'd like it :P.
it's my first attempt at nail art other than dots, and it's just "okay". too bad, but not very good either.

thumb - one coat of sally hansen "going green" topped with one coat of sinful colors "san fransisco". the black is wet 'n' wild "black creme", and the gold is a mix of julep nail parlor's "oscar" and china glaze "ultimate holiday"
pointer finer - one coat of "going green" topped with one coat of "san fransisco".
middle finger - confetti's "wedding white" THIS COLOR IS AWFUL DO NOT EVER BUY IT. took me four coats to get it opaque and even >.<
ring finger: two coats of "orange you glad" by spoiled/wet 'n' wild, topped with one coat of "tanzy" by zoya.
pinky - three coats of "oscar".

my claddagh ring is four years old. i bought it at an irish festival with my mom and haven't taken it off since!

do any of you have fun plans for st. patrick's day? whatever you do, be safe!

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  1. My Mom loves St. Patrick's Day, too. When I was a kid she would pour us milk in the morning and it would turn green. I have no idea how, because the food coloring wasn't in the milk carton and it wasn't in the glass. She still won't tell me how she did it.