Monday, March 19, 2012

julep st. patrick's day mystery box!

it finally arrived! better late than never, right? :]. i'm so happy to have received it.
so nicely packaged [as usual!], plus some chocolates!

my products! below is a breakdown of what i received and what it cost.

julep "facial for hands" glycolic hand scrub, 1 fl oz: ~15 dollars? 3 oz sells for 32 dollars on the julep website...
julep "glow on" age defying hand brightener: ~15 dollars? same as above.
sofia nail color: 14 dollars.
january nail color: 14 dollars.
kelly nail color: 14 dollars.
base coat: 14 dollars.
crystal nail file: 6 dollars.
total retail value: 92 dollars.

considering i spent 20 dollars, i'm ecstatic! i definitely recommend getting a mystery box the next time they release one. if you aren't a julep maven yet, you can sign up here and get your first month for one penny using the code MARCHINTRO!


  1. Oooh yours is looking good! Mine came today too :o)

    1. i'm very pleased. i'm so happy they do promos like these! such a great value.

  2. I hope mine comes tomorrow... I can't wait :-)