Saturday, March 31, 2012

julep nail parlor's "niecy" ft. lacquistry's "a friggin circus".

i didn't take any pictures of niecy on it's own, but it is a very lovely bright pink that was perfectly opaque in two coats. julep succeeds, as always! but i decided to layer lacquistry's "a friggin circus" over it, since this batch of AFC has a light pink tint to the base.
two coats of AFC.

look at all the different colors of glitter! i don't think i can even name them all. orange, red, gold, purple, blue, silver...probably some more, too!

lacquistry polishes can be bought from her etsy shop, which is currently sold out but she restocks pretty frequently. julep polishes are available to maven members, if you're not one yet you can sign up by clicking this link, and if you use the code COLOR2012 it'll only cost ya a penny!

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