Thursday, March 29, 2012

zoya's "salma".

first of all, i want to give a big welcome to my new followers! i think you may have found me when zoya featured my blog yesterday [HOW COOL WAS THAT YOU GUYS OH MY GOODNESS], and i hope you stick around!

i had my first hotline training class last night and took off my mani before going [i was wearing "mermaid's dream" by ms. lippmann!] because it was chipping. i planned on putting something else on but my time management skills are a bit lacking, so i ended up with naked nails! then the buses weren't running frequently so i had to walk a mile home at 10 pm >.< by the time i got home i was ready to pass out so my nails remained nude! luckily i had time before class this morning to slap something on them. i chose zoya's salma, another of the six polishes i bought a few weeks ago.
three coats of salma. it is a rich , vampy red with hints of brown, plus some nice shimmer!

 my mom stopped by the other day and gave me these flowers. aren't they so pretty?!

a mere hour ago some my lacquistry order showed up. i couldn't wait to get them on so here's one coat of "jessica rabbit" over salma.

jr has a red jelly basde and is filled with tiny red and gold glitters, as well as larger red hex glitters.

soooo pretty.

mister mowgli is not impressed with jessica rabbit, but he's a cat so who cares!

salma can be purchased from for 8 dollars. if you use this link to make an account, you'll get a five dollar credit! lacquistry polishes are available from her etsy shop, which is currently sold out 'cause her polishes are awesome as hell. but she should be restocking soon!

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