Monday, March 19, 2012

zoya - "bekka".

this is one of the siz zoya's i got during the buy three/get three promo. someone on my facebook requested a swatch, so here you go! let me preface this by saying that i did a pretty horrible job of painting my nails for these photos, blah - but i feel like they accurately capture the color.
my pointer + ring finger just have three coats of bekka. my middle and pinkie have a base of white polish, then two coats of bekka. [my polished toes wanted to make an appearance too, apparently :P.]

i would describe this as an electric pineapple yellow. it is a absolutely beautiful and unique color, and worth applying some white polish beforehand! 


  1. Sally Hansen's got a color very similar to this in their HD collection. I love it, and I didn't think I would. :D

    1. same! i am not a big fan of yellows [or sheer polishes] but am very pleased with this color. it is absolutely perfect for spring!