Thursday, March 22, 2012

victoria's secret nails!

a few weeks ago i got a phone call informing me that i met the criteria for a research study victoria's secret was holding [i happen to live in the city where limited brands are headquartered, woo!] and of course i said "hell yes!", lol. i got a fifty dollar gift card for about an hour of my time. they asked me a bunch of questions about their website, it wasn't hard and i actually had fun. anyway, of course you know i needed to do cvictoria's secret inspired nails!
my favorite victoria's secret line is PINK, thanks to their bright colors, comfortable clothes, and affordable prices. so that's what inspired these fingers! the pink is sinful colors "pink forever", the letters are china glaze "stone cold" and the glitteris sally hansen "disco ball".

the thumb was inspired by their instantly recognizable bags. i wish i would have used tape instead of my dotting tool buttttt i was really tired and lazy so whatever.
just another shot! so sparkly. 

aaand here's another picture of my kitty, since people seemed to enjoy the last one so much :P. he looks so embarrassed. "MMMOOOOOOM, STOP TAKING PICTURES OF ME".

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  1. Whoa! $50 for one hour. I'd say that's a score! Lovely!!!

    This mani is cute and girly. I like..