Saturday, March 24, 2012

sephora by opi - betsey johnson.

i'm a big fan of betsey johnson. i'm "nontraditional" myself, so i like her funky, edgy designs and the fact that she does whatever the hell she wants. so when i saw she did a line of products with sephora, i knew i had to grab some up!
this is a picture of the minis and their packaging. so cute, am i right?! and a wide array of colors.
this is three coats of "xox betsey". it is a very pale pink creme. 

two coats of "alley cat". it is a bright, vibrant fucshia. 

two coats of "too too turq", a turquoise with a slight shimmer. this color is exclusive to the mini polish set.

three coats of "yellow my name is betsey". a nice, bright, butter yellow. this color is exclusive to the mini polish set as well.

FOUR coats of "son of a gun". i loved this color but come on, four freakin' coats for a polish THAT dark?! no me gusta. maybe it'll be good to layer over another dark polish. this one is also exclusive to the mini polish set.

finally, two coats of "pushing your luck". i was really impressed with this color - normally i have problems with reds being opaque and even but this was a dream to work with.

overall, i'm pleased with this collection. the colors are interesting and unique. if you're interested, you can buy this mini set [along with the other items in the collection] from sephora.


  1. I gotta say, these are a lot tamer than I would have expected from a Betsey Johnson polish collection. I was thinking they were going to be total glitterbombs. They're nice colors, but not as unique as I hoped. :/

  2. well there is "sparkling personality", which is described as a "multicolor silver glitter". but yeah, one glitter out of ten or so polishes isn't a lot. maybe they figured they should tame it down so they would sell more? plus, she has the scented polish too. that's relatively unique!

  3. OoOoOo I wanted to pick up this collection so bad when I was at Sephora!