Monday, April 23, 2012

sexy mustard nails [nerdlacquer's "gorammit"]

last night when i was painting my nails, my boyfriend [who was sitting next to me] said "that looks like mustard. like you're putting mustard on your hands." of course i immediately gave him The Look [come on ladies, you know what i'm talking about] and he stuttered something like " mustard. sexy, sparkly mustard!" >.> it's the thought that counts, i guess?

the following pictures show three coats of bypass. the formula was great and is packed with square red glitter, large and small goldish hex glitter, and tiny black glitters. it is an incredibly unique color and i love it! sorry that my photos suck, but i've got a nasty cold [also thanks to my boyfriend] and didn't want to go outside, lol.

nerdlacquer is available on etsy, though the shop is currently closed. you can sign up for email alerts and be notified when she reopens!


  1. crazy - my hyperspace bypass has no red in it. just yellow black and silver.

  2. Sexy mustard, that's hilarious! I wish I had a reason to say that daily :-P