Tuesday, April 3, 2012

essie's "trophy wife" ft. lacquistry's "lake placid on acid"

can we just talk about how much i freaking love lacquistry polishes? not only are the all beautiful, well made, long-lasting, and unique, but jenna is just a really great person. i bought "a friggin circus" after this polish and jessica rabbit, but she waited to ship my order and combined costs, so i was refunded a few dollars! i know some indie polish brands don't do that anymore [because it takes a lot of tedious work!], so when she offered to do that i was so impressed. anyway, on to the pictures! the following pictures show three coats of LPOA over two coats of essie's "trophy wife". HOWEVER, LPOA has a blue-tinted base and could easily be opaque on its own.

just...just look at that polish. look at those glitters. is that not one of the prettiest things you have ever seen? to let you know how much i love this polish - i've worn it for two days, and i haven't worn a polish for more than a day in months!

those glitters! LPOA has large silver, green, and blue hex glitters, smaller hex glitters of the same colors, plus tiny circular blue, silver, and green glitters. HOLY GLITTERS, BATMAN!

nice bottle shot. 

and, as usual, a nice photo of mister mowgli. i guess he's really into sniffing polish lids. also, a nice shot of my living room >___<

essie polishes are available at drugstores for 8 dollars. lacquistry sells her polishes in her etsy store for 8.75, but she's usually sold out so i suggest liking her facebook page to get updates on when she's restocking.


  1. how did you like trophy wife? i've been looking to get it.. love the color in all the pictures i've seen.

    1. it's really lovely! a nice, bold turquoise. opaque and streak-free in two coats :].