Thursday, April 12, 2012

365 days of color - "funfetti".

i am really really happy to be able to review this polish. sanaz of 365 days of color is just a really great lady, and has been working hard on these polishes for a while. anyway, enough of my blabber and on to the polish!

first, the name. it's named after the funfetti cake mix by pillsbury. if you've never had funfetti cake, i am going to need you to close your browser, drive to your nearest grocery store, pick up a box and all the other things like eggs, make the cake, and then eat it. okay, you got that down? you eat the cake? good. next time, make the cookie recipe on the side of the box. funfetti cookies made me a lot of friends in high school, i used to bring them in every few weeks!
now to the funfetti polish...

see how similar it is?! how delicious it looks?!

this is three coats of funfetti. LOOK AT ALL THAT GLITTER.

close up of my thumb. holy glitter, batman.

consensus: i freaking love this polish. the formula is great and super unique. when she starts making full sized bottles i will most certainly be buying one! EVERYONE BUY THIS POLISH NOW. but seriously, follow 365 days of color on facebook to get the inside scoop about ordering her polishes :].

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