Monday, February 20, 2012

new zoya + finger paints flakie.

my trip to sally's was a minor success - they have one of the finger paint flakies [the main reason i went there], and i found "some like it haute" by china glaze for only 1.99! and then that same day i got my zoya package in the mail [from their valentine's promo], so i decided to combine the two for my mani today.

first i used two coats of zoya's "lotus", followed by one coat of "flashy" by finger paints. i own one of zoya's fleck effects, chloe, and i the only differences between that [and seemingly the rest of the fleck effects collection] is that the zoyas have a tinted base and i feel like the finger paints flakies are larger [see the second photo]. also, the price! unfortunately the finger paints flakies [there are five: flashy, motley, fleck, twisted, and asylum] aren't available online via the retailer, but you can buy them at sally's beauty supply for 4.99. the zoya fleck effects collection [chloe, opal, and maisie] are available at for 8 dollars plus shipping.

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