Saturday, February 18, 2012

light box.

a week or so ago i was looking at DIY light boxes online and made a passing comment to my boyfriend along the lines of "you should make this for meeee!" i was [mostly :P] joking, but a few hours later he's sawing away at a cardboard box with his x-acto! how cute.

we finished the box last night and i took a few test pictures. but, there's another issue. i have a nice camera - a panasonic lumix - that's less than a year old. however, the LCD screen has recently busted. the camera still takes photos, but i can't see them until i look at my SD card on my computer! so, the following pictures aren't very good [because i couldn't see them] but they were only test shots to see how the light box works.

so, as you can see - i need to keep practicing! haha. but this color is beautiful, it's "forget now" by sinful colors. despite what the first photo shows, it's a lovely bright pink - perfect for spring.

today i am going to sally's beauty supply for the first time ever!! i am very excited, can you tell? :P. the only thing i would reeeally like to buy is the finger paint flakies, but i know they sometimes have zoya polishes so hopefully i'll be able to pick up some of those, too! i'll be sure to post some haul photos when i get home :D!

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