Wednesday, February 15, 2012

deborah lippman's "mermaid's dream"

as soon as i saw previews for lippmann's spring 2012 collection i knew i had to have this polish. blues, greens, sparkly, was everything i loved mixed together into one beautiful polish.
just LOOK at that! it is sooo gorgeous. and that picture is only two coats! i hadn't seen any swatches of this polish so i was afraid it would be super sheer/need to be layered over another polish, but i was totally wrong. i added another coat after this photo just because, and while it looks good it wasn't really necessary. but i'm sure you could layer it, maybe over "on the beach" or "i know what boys like", both of which are also from lippmann's spring collection. the only negative thing about this polish [and it isn't that big of a deal!] is that you definitely need a top coat. it dries a bit rough without it.

i'm expecting some exciting nail mail this week - two nail polishes from the OPI holland collection, one from the muppets collection, and six sinful colors polishes from walgreens - they were on sale for 99 cents!

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