Tuesday, May 1, 2012

not-so-epic fail [ft zoya "myrta" and "kimber".

this manicure is like one of those mornings after you get really drunk and remember everything you did and go "ughhhh, whyyyy?!" even though it was awesome when you were doing it. anyway, when i was doing this mani last night i was in my dimly-lit living room and thought it looked SO COOL, when in reality you can barely tell i did anything but paint my nails one color. oh well, live and learn!

the base is myrta and the dots are kimber. like i said in my last post, orange and pink is my favorite color combo but i don't think particular conglomeration worked. i think it would have been better if i did a single accent nail. meh!

all the pictures of my cat on this blog are of him and this chair. he does spend time elsewhere, but particularly likes this chair because it by the big french doors!


  1. I had the same thing happen when I was doing different dots on a manicure and come later some of the colours couldn't even been seen :(

  2. I really love Myrta so any mani with it will look great to me!
    As for your missing dots - they are visible just not standing out. I like it actually!
    And I adore your cat <3

    Also... I gave you a couple of blog awards in my recent post. Check it out if you want ;-))

    1. oh jinjit you are just the sweetest! thanks so much :D.